why does it have to be so hard

because it is hard

How much of what is going on in your life feels hard because you have made a decision that it is hard. Maybe the decision was made years ago, without you even knowing. Can you review what is happening today and ask yourself “how would I like to experience this?” Money, relationships, homelife, work. Can you show up with the fresh slate of today, versus the baggage of yesterday? The great Michael Singer shares, “Life is as easy or hard as you make it.”

Consider for a moment, whatever area of your life your struggle in, that you could have a different experience. Could it be easy or fun or enjoyable, you decide! What could that look like? How could you feel? Much of your experience can feel like a struggle or suffering due to repeated habits and patterns from programming. Create the space to experience life aspects in different ways.

Allow the magic to flow through.