at lila life, your optimal well-being is our focus.

this is achieved through 1-1 coaching, group coaching, corporate wellness programs, events, workshops and retreats.

|focus areas include|

wealth strategy: income streams, impact investing, savings, financial alignment, releasing financial traumas and belief systems

business development: your gifted area, creating income streams, lifestyle design, marketing

lifestyle support: health, mindset, movement, meditation, stress-reduction, nourishment

about linda, founder, mindset coach

Linda Tate is a mindset coach and wellbeing expert. She is passionate about you connecting to the best version of yourself for success and fulfillment.

She spent part of her career in Wealth Management with Morgan Stanley for 7 years. During that time she also served as a Complex Business Development Manager. She knew it was time for a new opportunity when she started Mindful Monday's for her coworkers and started coaching some of them during the day.

She spent years learning and growing through some certifications and trainings: undergraduate degree in Psychology & Journalism, financial advisor training program, NSCA- Certified Personal Trainer & TRX, Yoga & SUP Yoga Teacher Training, Health Coach training program, plant based culinary chef training program, meditation program, Tony Robbins Coaches Academy, Spiritual Life Coach training program. Although they may not seem connect they all are and have served as a strong foundation for her coaching philosophy and practice.

Once she realized her calling was coaching she made the transition from financial services to entrepreneur and started Lila Life. From her journey you can learn the tips, tools and awakenings she has processed along the way as she coaches you to your success. Some of her personal breakthroughs include overcoming depression and anxiety, healing from bulimia and overexercise and living in an abundant relationship with food, substances and her body, transitioning from athlete to adult, being in a healthy and thriving relationship with her partner, creating financial security, starting and succeeding in business.

Her passion is to learn, grow and share. She welcomes the opportunity to work with you.