burnout at work

"It feels like just yesterday. I was getting hired. I was excited. I loved what was going on. Then time pressed on. The novel transitioned to the mundane. I look around, who am I and what am I wearing?" - thoughts from a former burnout

Burnout is a sneaky phenomenon. It usually isn't apparent until it is too late, or it is becoming too late.

If you suspect you are experiencing burnout, a few simple steps can help you reconnect and get back on track.

  1. Create ME time. If this means waking up earlier or taking a break during the day, carve out some time for uninterrupted solitude. Phone tucked away or on airplane mode. Be in nature, be by a plant, just be.

  2. Breathe. Do this NOW. Take an inhale, feel it deep into your lower abdomen. Allow yourself to sip life in through your breath. Exhale. You are alive.

  3. Drink some water. Seriously.

  4. Write. Whether a journal or paper towel get some of the thought swirling in your head down on paper. Allow the clarity and shifts to come from this safe space. Brainstorm, create, vent, this is for you!

  5. Connect with your WHY. Why did you start the job you are in, the company you run, the responsibilities you have take on. Get clear on your why. Maybe your life has shifted and the why doesn't mean what it meant to you before. That is a ok! Burnout and stress responses can be information coming from your amazing body to let you know it is time for some kind of change.

Life can be as easy or hard as you let it be. Burnout doesn't have to be sucking your soul. Try the steps above. Celebrate your life. with love.

why does it have to be so hard

because it is hard

How much of what is going on in your life feels hard because you have made a decision that it is hard. Maybe the decision was made years ago, without you even knowing. Can you review what is happening today and ask yourself “how would I like to experience this?” Money, relationships, homelife, work. Can you show up with the fresh slate of today, versus the baggage of yesterday? The great Michael Singer shares, “Life is as easy or hard as you make it.”

Consider for a moment, whatever area of your life your struggle in, that you could have a different experience. Could it be easy or fun or enjoyable, you decide! What could that look like? How could you feel? Much of your experience can feel like a struggle or suffering due to repeated habits and patterns from programming. Create the space to experience life aspects in different ways.

Allow the magic to flow through.

the benefits of coaching

a few of the benefits of coaching

  • having fun! 

  • act of self care

  • greater responsibility and accountability for actions, commitments and goals

  • communicating more effectively 

  • a safe place to gain perspective

  • builds personal awareness

  • support for improving specific skills

  • more self-reliant

  • more life satisfaction

  • celebrating wins

  • contribute more effectively to life areas

  • clarity about what you want, why you want it and how to get it

  • bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be

  • life and business strategies you haven't considered

  • overcome obstacles, insecurities and limiting beliefs

  • explore, evaluate and decide the tougher decision with support

  • inspiration

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