the most powerful question ever


What is on your mind? Is there a burning desire, a goal, something you've been wanting to do or achieve that you haven't yet committed to or done?

What is holding you back from that?

The recurring message I have been receiving this week is a Nike slogan, "Just do it." But the extended version, “Just do it, and why?”

Are you connected to your "why," on a big level? And then can you break that down for some smaller goals, desires and day to day happenings?

Life can get habitual and routine if you haven’t noticed. There is nothing particularly wrong with that. I can hear my dad now, “Same job, same house, same wife, same kids.” Followed by his deep belly laugh. Without intentionality and purpose, the routine and habits can creep up to get the best of you, in that soul sucking, time passing kind of why.

The other side of this, is when you infuse habits and routine with aligned “why’s” all the sudden it flows in ways it maybe hasn’t in years. This is because on a soul level, perhaps what you were craving to begin with.

So the formula: Why + Desire/Goal?

For example:

(the big one) Why am I alive? I am here on this beautiful earth, starting back in 1987 to grow and share joy with others and help those around me to feel connected to their life purpose and to live that out daily.

Why do I want to run a thriving business? I want to impact my clients and the world through coaching that will cause the ripple effect of up leveling on our planet, I want to grow and share my gifts so others are inspired to do the same. I want to create and flow in life through business. I want to experience financial freedom that allows for living a life I couldn't even dream of.

Why do I want a passion and love filled marriage? I want to share my life with my partner and grow with him. I want to feel blessed and cherish and share that feeling with him. I want a best friend and lover to grow with and see the world. I want to have a harmonious household that we are both enjoying and happy to call home. I want to support him in his goals and receive that same support.

Why do I want to walk lilyrose (dog love of my life)? So she is healthy and happy and gets to enjoy nature with momma, to get some exercise, to have a moment to pause. To see the neighborhood. To smile when she chases a lizard or sees another dog and is so happy which reminds me how easy and simple life and happiness really are.

Those are a few of my relevant life goals/desires/activities and my why's.

Set some time this week to look at what you are calling into your life and ask yourself the deep yet simple question, Why? The answers you get could propel you into life changing inspired action to take the next steps in creating and living the life you are meant to!

Happy asking. May your why's and purpose be filled with expansion, wholeness, unity, hope compassion and love xx

Ps: if you are feeling the flow check out this Life Area Assessment to help you take your inspired actions as we come into year end!