trusting in life

Today my tire blew out...or I blew out my tire. I pulled over and thought "now I am late for a meeting." I called my meeting person and told her what happened. Calmly, my next thought "hm this sucks but it doesn't need to be a day deal breaker." With back-to-back meetings I was worried I'd be late to the next one. Next thing I know my friend from the first meeting and I are drinking coffee on the side of the road while we wait for AAA. They were there in minutes, and we were able to go to our original meeting place to spend the rest of our time together. I made it to the next meeting on time. The point isn't the details, but rather the simple breath and pause and acknowledgment that everything is working out, and me believing that and trusting in the moments to come to unfold in that way.

Can you trust that you are always supported, even when "nothing" makes sense. When the feelings of burnout, or tough relationship moments are challenging? When nothing is going "my way", what about then?

Yes even then you are supported.

What if every little thing in your life was a part of divine orchestration. Every heartache, every rejection, every bump in the road. What if it's all to make you more refined in who you are and to tap deeper into your essence.

If you knew this, would it change the way you showed up and experienced those less than desirable moments? Would it change the way you process in your life, could you be more laid back, less attached to the outcomes that you want? Could you feel more free. Could you insert a deep breath?

Behind most desires are a certain feeling(s). And the nice thing about feelings are they are available to you in every moment. Sometimes through programming and processing we are in the regular habitual responses. But if in these experiences, the bad news, the tire popping, could you slow down, recognize the perfectness of life and tap into how you want to feel?

Worth the feeling experiment?

Life is full of surprises and sometimes the shitty ones can be the best ones.