thoughts, feelings & freedom

I was first introduced to emotions and feelings, oh I don't know, during an emotional moment early on in my life. I first became aware of my emotions, probably in an, oh I don't know, meltdown kind of moment within the past decade. That awareness became the beginning of what can feel like freedom. I started learning what information is actually available in my emotions and how this can be a powerful asset in self awareness. I started understanding how feeling my feelings leads to freedom and understanding. It may sound simple, you may feel like you got this down, but I urge you to check in around your emotions and feelings this week and what information is there for you.

In the book Letting Go by the late David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. he shares a variation of his Map of Consciousness which is a detailed scale of emotions. I was reminded of this Map of Consciousness in a Wayne Dyer lecture. Wayne shares tips on how to go from a bad thought to a good thought. He says, picture something bad or sad like a dog getting hit by a car, now picture something happy like a child playing with something for the first time. It's that simple, going from a disempowering thought to an empowering one. They key is realizing you are in the disempowering, with time to make the shift. Remember, it is never too late and it starts with awareness. You can do better next time.

As they say, you can't get to where you are going unless you know where you are. You can do this moment to moment. I remember, years ago, the first time I was consciously aware of being angry. I laughed, "I am angry." I was so happy because I never felt anger.

Can you move from disempowering thoughts, feelings and emotions to empowering thoughts, feelings and emotions? And how quickly? Techniques that help with this are awareness, mindfulness, meditation and connecting to your breath. Find what works for you and keep with it. As you are able to do this in real time, connecting with the present moment and the best possible experience you can have in that moment leads to massive amounts of freedom. An easy questions to ask, is this how I want to feel right now?