Get to know

Linda Tate

It all started when…

It was always started. I have always loved helping others. In 2018 I finally had the courage to make it my full-time business. Whether working in finance or coaching clients on the side, I’ve mastered the art of connection, listening, understanding, helping, and guiding. My guiding principles with my clients are to serve, to listen, to ask the questions that can empower them with the breakthrough and the organized accountability for their success. I feel beyond blessed to be welcomed into your life as a trusted advisor, coach and friend to help you live the life you are meant for.

What makes you so great?

Everything and nothing.

I believe when you work with a coach there are a few things musts, you must know, like and trust them. The energy must feel good/right. You must be ready for change and accountability. You must show up. You must take personal responsibility for your outcomes and actions.

I am as great a coach as any. I must be the right fit for you for this to work for both of us.

If you want to know specifically about my trainings, education, work experience, references and my personal coaching experiences (I’ve had a lot!), I am happy to share.

Programs vs. Custom

You have the option to go through one of my coaching programs where you can see the exact steps that we will work through over 4-6 months. If this doesn’t resonate, I offer a 3 month trial coaching agreement, or a 6 month custom commitment.

*I do not offer 1 off sessions or monthly sessions unless we have worked together for 6 months or more.

How do I get started?

Schedule your ‘know time’ call to connect and get to know each other. Get clear on your desired outcomes. What do you want to focus on over the next 3-6 months. How could your life look different? What do you need or want to change? Get clear on that so our call is most effective.