Business Expanded

You and your business can thrive. Learn and implement the 12 steps to either start or refine your business for ultimate alignment and success. Group sessions and 1/1 coaching are available.

Wealth Expanded

Break through your own limiting beliefs, and redefine wealth in a way that works for you. Learn emotional, spiritual and practical elements to your wealth creation that allow you the financial freedom and wellbeing you deserve. Live in financial alignment. This 4 step process will allow you to breakthrough and thrive.


Life Expanded

Experiencing burnout, wondering where the zest of life went? Reconnect and tune in with the 5 Elements to live expanded. Over 6 months, experience greater wellbeing and more energy. This lifestyle program takes inventory of your life and offers you easy solutions to take your life to the next level.

Mindset Expanded

In this 12 week coaching 6 session coaching journey you will discover your own mindset blocks and find the support and breakthrough you need to take your goals and life up to the next level.